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Kellie Moeller, CNM

Dickinson Midwives Plan Home Births

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Dickinson Midwives Plan Home Births that are Safe for Mothers and Babies. Kellie Moeller a Certified Nurse Midwife provides care for Healthy women who wish to have safe home births.

In terms of quality, satisfaction, and costs, the midwifery model for pregnancy and maternity care has been found to be beneficial to women and families, resulting in good outcomes and cost savings. ...With its focus on pregnancy as a normal life event and health promotion for women of all ages, the midwifery model of care is an appropriate alternative or complement to the medical approach to childbirth.

It is inherently unwise, and perhaps unsafe, for women with normal pregnancies to be cared for by an obstetric specialist. ... Midwives and general practitioners, on the other hand, are primarily oriented to the care of women with normal pregnancies, and are likely to have more detailed knowledge of individual women.

Home birth Reduces:

  • Home birth reduces risk of infection
  • Home birth reduces risks from unnecessary interventions
  • Home birth reduces maternal morbidity rates from complications and interventions
  • Home birth reduces risks from errors in hospitals
  • Home birth reduces interference in bonding and breastfeeding from hospital policies
  • Home birth reduces risks from poor staffing levels in hospitals
  • Home birth reduces risks of tampering with the baby

Home Birth Provides:

  • Home birth provides safe, familiar and private surroundings for labor and birth
  • Home birth provides woman-centered care during pregnancy, labor, and birth
  • Home birth provides family-oriented birth with no strangers present
  • Home birth provides an opportunity for immediate bonding and breastfeeding
  • Home birth provides less disruption and stress for the whole family
  • Home birth provides affirmation that birth is a normal and profound life event

Research shows that planned home birth with a qualified attendant is safe for mothers and babies.

Blog Posted: Apr 26, 2015
Posted by: Kellie Moeller, CNM
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